I recently enjoyed a weekend with my sisters.  

There has always been a joke that

I was ‘switched at birth’  because

I dance to the  beat of my own drum.  
At this point in my life I have arrived at 

‘being comfortable in my own skin’. 
I appreciate my uniqueness. I would not want to be anyone else.

Not because I believe that “I”  am something special,

yet rather because I  believe

that we all are, – “Something Special!”

I refuse to conform to another person’s idea of life. 

I wish to bring my own piece of God’s Creation

to this truly amazing puzzle of humanity;

& to discover  ‘over time’  how I fit into this puzzle.  

Without forcing myself into it;

But  by. . .  finding my own niche.  Finding my own place.

I believe, that we actually can learn to fit together seamlessly; albeit miraculously if we will just  ‘let go’ of our desire

to force others  into  conforming  to our shape & to our patterns,

&  ‘Be Brave’ enough to live into our own unique design.

This is a scary adventure;-

of discovery, & growing; & of learning & changing.

Finding our own voice, Finding our own dance!  –

& then freestyling with the rest of humanity!

But it is an adventure worth embarking on, &

we should bring as many of US on this adventure

as are willing to come.

SO – Let’s do it!  

You know that you want to be yourself  &

yet still be part of something bigger!

Let’s do to!  Today is the day!


It is such beautiful word!  

It rolls off of your tongue 

Like a symphony, 

Like a melody of perfection,

A masterpiece of syllables.

But, . . .

In truth – it is an ugly process. 

A breaking down of the soul.

An unraveling;

A painful tearing apart.

A frightening change. 

It is the worm of SELF 


Into a lack of -recognition 

of who I once thought

that I was.

A frightening change

A pondering of thoughts

A reassembling of patterns

A restructuring of paradigms.

It is . . .

A terrifying adventure

Of familiar narratives rethought.


It scares the life out of me.

I am emptying.

I am melting.

I am dissolving.

I am enclosed in a cocoon of rebirth




Emerging . . .


I am afraid!

But, I am ready to change . . .

From worm to chrysalis to wings! 


I DESIRE – to take flight!