Sometimes our lives can feel reminiscent of the marvelous  scene in the children’s movie  “The  Bug’s Life”.

It is one of the last scenes in the movie.   The chubby caterpillar finally gets his wings. He is so excited for his chance to take flight in his newfound life and in his freedom of transformation.

 I love this scene so much! 

It is such a wonderful depiction of reality for us sometimes.

Transformation can be brutal, & a very long road that we take. 

The funniest part in this scene is that he doesn’t actually realize that he is not 100% transformed.

In actuality he is mostly caterpillar with teeny-tiny wings which are not nearly enough to support him in lifting him off of the ground.

His words of exuberant glee can cause a person to ponder.

Is that me?

Am I just a tiny bit changed?

Have I grown only a small amount?

Have I sprouted only  teeny-tiny wings hoping to support my “same old”” “same old” ego?

I recently saw two of my youngest grandchildren stand up on their own from the middle of the room.   Two separate instances that I was fortunate enough to be present at. 

Two unique moments with two similar responses.  Both babies had similar expressions on their face. Expressions of joy.  Expressions  of accomplishment. Expressions of :

Surprise.  Wonder.  Glee. 

Expressions of :

 “I FLY.  I FLY”

This causes one to ponder and then for me to consider the idea of embracing the small changes that I continue to make.   The process of growth is a long road & even sometimes an arduous path. 

And understanding this I have decided, at least in this moment to :

REJOICE in taking flight, if only for a microsecond.;

as I aspire for more, even as my “caterpillar self” unintentionally attempts to hold me back. 

I hope to continue my quest of working towards more growth

& yet  .    .    .  Meanwhile:

“I  FLY  . I FLY” 🦋