I use to be afraid. To ponder . .  . God and who or what it / he / she/ they is/ are ?

I was taught to be afraid. 

I was taught to not be ponder?  The is  , the what , the Who?

But .  . . 

Is it all the same?

All of our  ponderings ?

About God. . . . The Source . . . The universe?

Every religion that

has lost it’s way ?  Every human hope and dream?  Do we not all long for more??

Are we not all wandering?

Are we not all wondering?

What is it?

That is beyond us?

That is before us

That is. . . . 

BIGGER than us?

I admit

I do not understand BUT . . . 

I do want to know. 

And maybe THIS is enough. 

The pondering 

Not the knowing

Because can we really know ?

But. Thank God / the Source/the Universe/ the feminine and masculine Divinity l maybe it is the same but with different verbage.  Do we not all feel that there is something bigger than we are?   the source the something greater than we are , , . We can ponder. 

But.    Maybe this is Enough

If we can learn to love!