What happened to you? 

What happened to the days 

when life was about

playing ‘around the block game’

Where we ran free & unfettered,

frolicking with friends?

Where the mystery of who held the hidden paper

was the delight in this child’s invented game?

What happened to YOU?

Where it  was safe to assume that we were safe.  

We could hide in ANY neighbor’s  yard;

the only danger

perceived was that

which was devised 

in our own imaginations?

The pretend villain. 

The opposing hero. 

Daylight savings in the 60s. 

Suburbia.  safe and sound. 


I am  running the streets outside.
I am enjoying my friends

Daylight savings. 
Crickets chirping in the yard.
The kids are safe.
Let  them PLAY.


Popsicles on top of the  station wagon  

Fireworks on  the  Fourth of July!

WE were exuberant children

Gulping Shasta soda

without restraint;

one special day to Celebrate

the beauty & freedom of you – AMERICA  

WE felt so free; after –

Playing ping-pong and shuffleboard. 

Even the dads were in the pool;

Tossing us up into the air  

playing ‘keep away’

where we as valiant children

were almost willing to drown to hang on to the rubber ball.


Each & EVERY single day 

in the Summer

We were swimming in the pool;  playing

‘cut away’ &‘corner tag’

as our moms drank iced tea 

& attempted to discern the fine line between what would lead to stitches

And what was just plain FUN?

Have you changed America? 

Were you lying to me back then?

When you told me that life was safe; &

That life was good?
Were you lying to me when you told me that

we were all friends?

Or . . . 

WAS I simply naïve,


did not know

that I lived in a part of America

That wasn’t REAL for everyone?


130 thoughts on “America

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