Different responses.  This is life!    

&, while I believe that life  is unpredictable;

& that there are many areas in life

where we have absolutely no choices

over the outcome of situations;

I also believe that in every season

we do have some control.  

But, control over WHAT?

THAT question may be be

one of the most important questions

that we can ask ourselves in this life. 

With all of life’s uncertainties,

how can we continue to THRIVE?  

How can we seize control over those things

which are uncontrollable?

Maybe our best control in life’s uncertainties  

lies in the simple question: – “WHO do I want to be?”

“Do I want to be brave?  Do I want to be afraid?

 Do I want to be a victim? Do I want to be emboldened?  Do I want to cling to old ways?  

Do I want to embrace growth?

So much of our life begins in the heart! ♥ &

in  WHAT it is that we “purpose in our heart”!  

& in this purposing is where our control lies.  

It lies in that place where we choose how to view our life circumstances. It  lies in our deepest convictions, in the  ‘deepest places within ourselves’ where we decide  who it is that we want to become through walking through our life situations? 

That is where the idea of re-creation comes in.  We were created by a magnificent GOD who loves us with a deep & passionate love! & HE has given to each of us the capacity to look inside of ourselves and consider who it is that we want to be and how we desire to live out this life that HE has gifted us.  How do we choose to react? Who do we want to be within the perimeters of our circumstances? 

This is our choice. It is not an easy one, but it will define us in the end.  At the end of the day, – Who do we want to be?  Take some time & decide & “purpose in your heart”.  The outcome of this choice is under our control.  & while this may be a very frightening thought, it can lead us to our best season yet.



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