In these times of ridiculous manifestations of religion “gone wrong”.

 I would throw out Jesus in protest;-

 But  I CAN’T!

Because I was there when HE rescued my life from brokenness and brought this life of mine into redemption. 

When HIS upside down ideas of   “Others FIRST”  struck at the very heart of my own desires  and caused me to reach higher into love; and then into  hope and then  into the belief of a loving GOD !

So . . . 

JESUS.   I know who YOU are;   but . . .

RELIGION.   I am done with you!  

You have embarrassed me to the core!   

With your stupid false prophesies!

And your idiotic acceptance of UNTRUTH 

With you golden calf movements of idolatry

May your own people throw stones at you for your false prophesies!

I am attempting to regroup my own belief system.

I can only watch you from a distance and say:

I am so OVER YOU that it enrages me!

I know that this is an oxymoronic statement; & YET I still claim IT to be true!

I hate your hatred! 

I hate your prostitution with a lying TYRANT!

I hate that you have blindly shed your integrity so that you can claim

a few judges , some laws, & extravagant money for  homeschooling your child,

I  hate that you feel the NEED to place YOUR values as pre-eminent 

In this diverse nation of ours.

Can we just be honest? 

Can we just admit to the fact that you are not really interested

in the high value of  “freedom of religion”?

Can we just be honest and say 

That  . . . 

You are only actually interested 

in “placing your belief system FIRST at the expense of others”

Is this what Jesus taught?

Remember HIM?

JESUS – the incredible  rabbi that we both claim to follow.

Is this what he taught?

When HE said 

“the first shall be last. And the last shall be first:”

Are you so sure,

That this idea of yours to support an “ungodly man “ because he delivers your goods  is godly?

Are you so  sure

that this  “Is the  hill that  you want to place your  flag upon?