It is such beautiful word!
It rolls off of your tongue like a symphony,
Like a melody of perfection,
It presents itself as a masterpiece of syllables.
When in truth – it is an ugly process.
It is a breaking down of the soul,
An unraveling of the spirit,
A painful tearing apart of all that you thought that you KNEW.
A frightening change.
It is the worm of SELF 
dissolving into a lack of -recognition 
of who I once thought that I was.
A frightening change.  A pondering of thoughts
A reassembling of patterns
the restructuring of paradigms.
It is .  .  .  A terrifying adventure
of familiar narratives . . . rethought.
CHRYSALIS.  –  It scares the life out of me.
I am emptying. I am melting. I am dissolving.
I am enclosed in a cocoon of rebirth
Dissolving, Growing, 
Transforming, Emerging . . .
HELP ME!  I am afraid!
But, I am ready to change . . .
From worm to chrysalis to wings!
I DESIRE – to take flight!