I envy you agile child

bright wide-eyed wild

free flowing wonder;

with limbs that respond,

to unceasing demands

to run free . . . crazy

to jump high . . . smiling,

dancing as you play.

Though your castles

of sand may crumble;

– no tears –

Grand as they are,

They are rebuilt in a day. –

Enough, – to satisfy you child

bright wide-eyed wild

free flowing creation that you BE.



Help me little friend

I want to go back – in time.

To build a castle once again in the sand;

to recreate old dreams of mine

scattered by the wind

to make them new again!

For you can see my visions

& you know my imaginary friends

& we can sit and chat 

for a moment  . . .  returning 

to places that I remember

to old forgotten rhymes.



You are safe now. 

Come out

Child of hopes and dreams.

I see you

Hiding behind 

the urgencies of life

& the stifling of a soul.

You are meant for so much more.

You CAN color

outside of the lines,-

of life’s mistakes,

& in your aspirations;

& glue buttons and baubles on top

to cover the broken parts

or simply to decorate.

Be free.

You are unique!

You were created to be

A source of joy!

As you discover

All of your inner colors 

& splash them with abandon,

like markers on to paper

Or chalk on to the sidewalk.

No need to question,-

Have you drawn a circle?

Or is it a rainbow?

What does it matter?

You be You!

For this is enough.