The world is in need of hope.  

Of morning glory seeds scattered everywhere.  

Scattered on the disappointment of dreams unfulfilled. Scattered on the anxieties of life.  

On hormonal days &

reflections in the mirror that disappoint.

The world is in need of the seeds of mirth,

of seeing the wisdom in decay & capturing & embracing every piece of beauty that we can; & then dispersing it

in wide abundance to everyone we meet.

We are the face of God.  

The image of the Son, who is the image of the Father.

The Father who captures every tear in a bottle &

sees the prism of radiant color in every drop.

We are not promised carefree days.

But we are given the keys to a kingdom of ideas

that will help us to walk through these days with grace.

We are not given the state of perfection in this life.

It is not within our grasp in our humanity.

But we can strive to make order and beauty in joy

& restore it again and again and again!

Not counting our days as futile but seeing this struggle

as necessary in our growth,

as a tutor in our understanding of the need

& the hope of restoration

which IS our final Destiny and Promise.

In the daily frustrations of this life,

we can acknowledge our grounding to this earth

while reaching for the stars.

We can laugh. We can stretch . We can revitalize

& spread contentment to all who see it;

-As our hope for more to come.

We are creators, made in the image of a creative GOD

who designs everything so carefully,

with such precision and yet with such abandon and joy.

This is our destiny. This is our gift. Let us wrap it up

in festive smiles and conversations

It gives us a snapshot of what will be.