Maybe we are all the same.

We are all thirsting for love.

We cry out for acceptance and affirmation.
& Yet, we go about it in so many different ways.

In our search for understanding

we can be needy or independent, whiny or brave.

But it’s all the same condition. The need to be seen.

To be considered as someone of value.  

To  be noticed in the sea of faces. 

For humanity to say,- “Oh. There you are! 

I’ve been looking for you.

I’ve been hoping that you are here.

You are special to me!

You know, humanity is never going to say that to us.  Indeed if we are truly fortunate

we will be truly loved &

esteemed by a handful of people.

 But Our Creator God says that to us daily.

Look for it. –

When you smile at a stranger on the street,

or nod at a homeless man on the corner,

Chat with the next person in line.

Give a hug to the child that’s crying

This is God’s voice declaring  to YOU

how much HE loves YOU !

 Look for it!  Go out!

Seek that face in the sea of faces.

That one who needs you in the moment.

And there you will find yourself.

There you will find the affirmations that you need. 

There you will find the LOVE that you seek.

 Gladden a heavy heart

Ease the burden of the discouraged. 

Set a balloon into flight. 

&  Fly . . . Fly .  . .   Up . . Up . .

Up above the sea of faces

into the very heart of GOD!


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